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Our package guarantees you coordination and great timing since we’ve been doing this since years. And our firework shell experts will ensure that nothing goes amiss on your special day. We have a wide array of fireworks for you to choose. Our qualified team of pyrotechnics will work hand in hand with you to get exactly what you want. We’ll even give you more ideas on how to make every event even better.


With decades of experience in this business, we’ve worked with so many clients yet our goal has always been to give each beyond satisfactory results. So when it comes to experience, check. We understand that you want to awe. Our close proximity pyrotechnics stars and comets will ensure that you create a breathtaking fireworks show even in a confined space. With our high precision multi-shot cakes, you can count on us to shoot the fireworks at the exact time you want them. Our highly skilled team will give a perfectly synchronized show that will go a long way into strengthening the fun at your event or party.


Our pyrotechnics packages give you true value for your money. We’ll even help you capture that special moment with an on location professional photographer for an additional fee. We know how to make that moment count. This reflects in our innovative stars, multi-shot cakes and comet designs. Our strict adherence to the market’s safety standards delivers the safest yet most intense close proximity pyrotechnics that will let you push your party decoration beyond the mere use of color and lighting.


Our fireworks team has grasped the ways and means of giving a perfect show with no mishaps such that nothing falls out of place under their watch. We guarantee you of an awesome show that is of the highest standard there is, so that everyone who will witness it will be completely blown away by the beauty. Our versatility has allowed us to plan and deploy highly customized fireworks displays across a wide range of parties. Our close proximity pyrotechnics range is specially designed to cater to any event whether small or large. We believe that the audience size or event location should never confine you or keep you from having fun to the fullest.


To us, life is all about the intensity and passion of all the simple yet important events in life. That is why we’re here to ensure that we spread the fun and joy by fueling your party with beautiful fireworks. Give yourself a story to give that will never get old. And even better, give your friends and family something to remember. Let us give you the party of the year with our firework tubes and comets that will light up your sky with a display that will be very hard to forget.