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Daytime Fireworks

Are you holding your party during the day but still want to amaze your audience with impressive fireworks? Worry no more. Our innovative daytime fireworks will deliver the brightness you need to make an impression whilst the sun shines. Our aerial shell designers have come up with some of the most pleasant and functional color combinations that will help you set the event’s mood right. We believe in having fun at any time of the day, and our daytime fireworks efficacy resonates with this.


Our daytime fireworks are a perfect replacement to bang rockets and fireworks that are otherwise prohibited at other times of the day. With our products, you’ll enjoy one of the most intense displays without the noise and residual powder generated by regular fireworks. Our innovative designs and ability to work with wide ranges of colors will always ensure that your event stands out from the rest.


With our professional daytime fireworks team, you can rest assured that the fireworks will be part and parcel of the party. Even though people prefer using the fireworks to kick off or end a party, our state of the art equipment will help you cue the fireworks deployment in perfect sync with other events in the party. You can use the daylight fireworks just before the cryogenics & fog, or use them at the climax of the presentation. Whatever time it is, the fireworks experts and the equipment we use will always help you create a truly memorable show.


Get in touch with us today. Let us know about your daytime party plans. We will help you bring the roof down in style. Who said you cannot have fun just because it is a daytime party?


Let’s impress your guests with our wide range of aerial fireworks packages. Our catalog of fireworks and huge variety of pyrotechnic effects creates stunning and breath-taking effects that will turn every moment of the night into a cherished memory. And we have just the right package for everyone! That’s our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a small birthday party, or a huge community event with thousands of people, you can count on us.


What sets us apart from others is our massive inventory of all kinds of aerial fireworks, for any kind of event imaginable. Comets, shells, stars, you name it. Not only will our larger shells and a wide assortment of stars give you a true spectacle, we also believe in going an extra mile and stocking fireworks that fit every budget and every plan. In our business, timing is most important! And when you’re looking
for that perfect pattern in the skies with precise timing of firework shell explosions, we’ll make it happen in a snap.


Our pyrotechnic specialists have mastered this art. We’ll shoot sub-shells and stars at the right altitude and the right propulsion to give you that ultimate moment of celebration. With our multi-shot aerial cakes, you can bet that we’ll push the possibilities beyond the limits. And safety is always our top priority. Combine this with our multi-shot aerial cakes and you get those glowing patterns in the skies that’ll leave a smile on everyone’s face. Our aerial fireworks bring the real fun of the party to the right people.


We know what it takes to rock a party! So when it’s about celebrations and parties, we’ll use that perfect mix of aerial fireworks to make your event stand out from the rest. To us, every comet, every salute and every aerial firework is a quality statement. We understand that your wedding, graduation or community party is a once in a life time event. That’s why we’re offering you something unique. Something that will easily set you apart from everyone else. Classic fireworks that will be as memorable as the party.


It’s time to give your guests something more than the food, drinks and dance. Push your party beyond the edge by organizing an elaborate fireworks show. Let’s create that unforgettable, everlasting impression.


Make your special event or celebration something to remember with our range of fireworks special effects. We guarantee your guests will remember your event their entire lives. Gone are the days when celebrations were a casual occasion. It’s all about pomp, color and what better way to execute your event than with our package consisting of 20 shots just at the right moment.


Our package guarantees you coordination and great timing since we’ve been doing this since years. And our firework shell experts will ensure that nothing goes amiss on your special day. We have a wide array of fireworks for you to choose. Our qualified team of pyrotechnics will work hand in hand with you to get exactly what you want. We’ll even give you more ideas on how to make every event even better.


With decades of experience in this business, we’ve worked with so many clients yet our goal has always been to give each beyond satisfactory results. So when it comes to experience, check. We understand that you want to awe. Our close proximity pyrotechnics stars and comets will ensure that you create a breathtaking fireworks show even in a confined space. With our high precision multi-shot cakes, you can count on us to shoot the fireworks at the exact time you want them. Our highly skilled team will give a perfectly synchronized show that will go a long way into strengthening the fun at your event or party.


Our pyrotechnics packages give you true value for your money. We’ll even help you capture that special moment with an on location professional photographer for an additional fee. We know how to make that moment count. This reflects in our innovative stars, multi-shot cakes and comet designs. Our strict adherence to the market’s safety standards delivers the safest yet most intense close proximity pyrotechnics that will let you push your party decoration beyond the mere use of color and lighting.


Our fireworks team has grasped the ways and means of giving a perfect show with no mishaps such that nothing falls out of place under their watch. We guarantee you of an awesome show that is of the highest standard there is, so that everyone who will witness it will be completely blown away by the beauty. Our versatility has allowed us to plan and deploy highly customized fireworks displays across a wide range of parties. Our close proximity pyrotechnics range is specially designed to cater to any event whether small or large. We believe that the audience size or event location should never confine you or keep you from having fun to the fullest.


To us, life is all about the intensity and passion of all the simple yet important events in life. That is why we’re here to ensure that we spread the fun and joy by fueling your party with beautiful fireworks. Give yourself a story to give that will never get old. And even better, give your friends and family something to remember. Let us give you the party of the year with our firework tubes and comets that will light up your sky with a display that will be very hard to forget.


Do you want to say, “We have spirit!” at the next game ? How about a thunderous salute in the sky, with brilliant school colors as the team heads on the field ? We can bring your game to new levels with precise and safe pyrotechnics. Do you have a community event coming up and a desire to attract more visitors ? At Sky Wonder, we can say that a pyrotechnic show brings in the crowd to peak levels. This will increase your community’s revenue and will keep bringing everyone back for years.


We have access to an endless supply of exciting pyrotechnic effects explicitly designed for indoor use. Consequently, we can create compelling indoor displays to accentuate your team’s performance as well as celebrate victory when the game is over.


Our team is made up of accredited pyro technicians who design and create special stage effects that will stay in the minds of the audience for a very long time. A lacklustre performance can create a monotony, especially if you do not have exceptional backup singers. Instead of worrying about where to find that talented musician who doesn’t allow room for error, let our indoor pyrotechnics create an amazing atmosphere that will definitely keep your audience on its toes throughout the entire performance. We guarantee you that everybody will be impressed from the moment you step onto the stage to the moment the last beam of light will die.


For intense moments that require team spirit, we can deliver a wide range of pyrotechnics to boost the morale of the team. From fire, smoke, shooting streamers and raining tinsel foil to sparkling fountains, we can transform any room to create an effect that you desire.


Sky Wonder is your personal pyrotechnics consultant for every single part from the design of the effects to the overall performance of the pyrotechnics in all kinds of events including weddings, parties, private events, concerts, product launches and theatre events. We don’t use flammable material in the construction of air bursts or any other pyrotechnic effects. Rather, we use specially designed non-toxic highly-vapourising plastic films to create a spectacular effect. We know the consequences of overdoing an effect and that is why we always maintain a safe distance to the roof.


We have dozens of effects ranging from colored smoke to fireworks and propane flames. Our Pyrotechnics team is ready to add life and glamour to your corporate convention anywhere in the country. Our customized indoor pyrotechnics are engineered with precision to maintain their safe distance from the walls and roofs. Our great stage designing techniques ensures that all people attending the party will be entertained to have a full view of the effects.


Our complete services are licensed and our experienced pyro technicians are trained to create stunning indoor pyrotechnic displays with unbeatable designing techniques. There are no better choices at affordable prices than what Sky Wonder has to offer. We can create any kind of pyrotechnic display that will wow your audience and create incredible scenes for any kind of party or event that you have.


With their dazzling lights and rainbow-pure colors, lasers provide a fascinating breed between fireworks and theatrical lighting. Using these beams, we can entertain as well as communicate in an exciting and eye-catching fashion. Laser beams have fast become a common technique for adding glamor to events and stunning displays at corporate shows. Our highly experienced technicians provide the best full-color laser lights for concert tours, nightclubs, and corporate conventions among other occasions.
The laser beam displays that we provide for events are customized for events and tours. No matter the kind of party that you have, we can integrate our lasers into your performance to give it life. Our rainbow lights are beautiful, and we alternate them accordingly to provide beams and graphic illuminations to provoke emotions from the audience. Whether you are hosting an afterparty, showcasing a new product or preparing for a performance, our RGB lasers might just be what you need to make your event complete.


We use lasers in creative ways depending on the type of event that we are handling. The broadest categories of laser beam displays are graphic illuminations on a surface and seeing beams in mid-air. Laser graphics or graphical illuminations can be used to tell a story or entertain the audience. These lights create outlines of products without any additional details or interior fill. Although this incapability is a limitation, laser graphics always get more attention compared to other visual effects.


Our laser package is a culmination of the most brilliant and purest colors set and are tuned by our technicians to provide great timing and precision. An innovative use of a laser can transform any small party or event from its ‘small’ status to the best celebration you have ever had. We are always on the forefront to organize fabulous lighting effects for your wedding decorations, graduation party or any other special occasion.


You do not have to try anything on your own only to end up settling for other forms of lighting that will not give your event the desired awe. With just a single call, we bring along sophisticated laser machines that work perfectly in both indoor and outdoor events. Our specialists do not just embark on setting up lights; rather we always analyze the theme before we choose laser colors that will spark the desired emotions.


We try our best to create brilliantly colored laser lights for a wide array of special effects. For product showcasing, we always allow projection of light of the right intensity to maintain accuracy. We project beams to create fantastic patterns and shapes in mid-air and even scan the audience to bring an emotional touch. Our technicians understand the effects of beams in an outdoor event and always take precaution to ensure maximum safety. You can also get in touch with us for audio, screens and other forms of lighting.


Let’s turn your party into a true spectacle with our wide range of flamethrowers that are perfect for different parties and occasions. There is no better way to making your private party unique than by deploying strategic flames. We focus in delivering personalized custom shows for different occasions. Graduation parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties. Name it. Whatever kind of party it is, our designers will always know what kind of party flame solution to deploy.


We’ve created some of the very best flamethrowers and flame compositions to ensure that we can deploy impressive shows without putting your visitors at risk. Our design department adheres to the strict safety rules to ensure that all the equipment deployed to your party is up to standards. Combine this with the fact that all our flame operators are highly trained and certified and you can rest assured that everything will be in accordance to the plan.


We understand that the best parties are born with creativity and innovation in mind. This is what you will be bringing into the party by hiring us. By letting our flame and pyrotechnics experts work hand in hand with your party planners, you will open up your event schedule to a breath taking combination of music, lighting, fireworks and most importantly flame effects. By putting the flamethrowers in perfect sync with the music or other cues in the party, we always ensure that the party flames are an integral part of the party. Not an oddly placed addition.


You can always count on our vast experience in deploying flame effects in different types of parties. Since our designers can always come up with configurations and installations specific to your party. We will always take your unique party needs and budget into account. All you need to do is talk to us in advance and make us an integral part of your event planning.


Our party flame solutions have helped different event organizers push the fun to the next level by giving the revealers something new to look forward to. We delight in making all your visitors happy. To us, any venue or local law enforcement rules are just but a challenge. We will always find a way to spice up your party with the right flame effects while keeping your safety on top priority. Our perfect understanding of the local environmental laws and regulation ensures that you will throw the perfect party while staying absolutely safe.


We know how to give your wedding or graduation party the recognition it deserves. Don’t let your budget or safety precautions limit you. Our flame decoration installations and deployment team will always assess your party venue and advice you of the safest and most effective way forward. If your venue cannot accommodate our vast array of flame effects, we will help you choose new premises in time.

Don’t let anything bar you from throwing the ultimate party. Think beyond the normal party decorations and effects. Think dramatic flames, fireworks and fog effects. Think us. We will make true your dreams beyond your wildest expectations.